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Take Away Menu

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Beverage Menu

Our summer wine pairing suggestion for our spicy dishes is the Clean Slate. For cocktail fans, we suggest one of our gin and tonic selections.

Dessert Menu

Don't forget the dessert!!

MoCo Eats Prix Fixe Menu in May 2024

Our Kitchen is presenting a special dine-in meal including several options to make for a special dining experience.

Delivery of the best Indian Cuisine for Lunch and Dinner to Bethesda and Chevy Chase, MD

We are open for lunch and dinner late providing ordering on-line and fast delivery. You can pick your favorite company or use our partner company. If you use our Red Button at the top of the page, your order goes straight to our chefs. All of our food is preparation upon order!!!

Remember that you can also order lunch deliveries!! We also can arrange for larger group orders for offices.

For the best results, considering using the red button at the top of this page as your order goes straight into our kitchen for preparation.

Sudhir Kumar

Managing Partner