From you Hosts at Delhi Spice

Why did they name their restaurant "Delhi Spice"

I am from Delhi. Delhi is in my blood. My summers as a youth were spent with my extended family in our outside kitchen next to the kitchen garden where we would pick items for our meals. I remember the aromas floating in the air. It was hard to wait to eat.
I could not live without the flavors of Delhi. I grew up with Chole Bhature, Aloo tikki, Chaat Papdi and the Indian-Chinese dishes of Delhi. The way the chefs of Delhi use "spice" is the secret to Delhi cuisine. The chef must know the flavor target in his or her soul to spice the dishes.

Sudhir Kumar

Managing Partner

To echo what Kumar said, being a chef is hard work, but it gives me such joy. In a vegan diet, the flavors developed in the preperation process must compliment the fresh ingredients.
I have been so pleased by the number of catering jobs we have booked based on the dining experiences in just our first six months. Of course, some people know of our work at other restaurants. Of course, to commit for an event, one must always test the kitchen.
The people who are originally from Delhi love to entertain their guests that we cater with our special Indian-Chinese dishes.

Edwin Dass

Chef & Partner