Breads made to order for every preference

Please join us with your friends at Delhi Spice


White Flour, cranberry and goat cheese.


White Flour and Milk.


Whole wheat with layers butter.


White Flour, garlic and cilantro.

Other Bread options at Delhi Spice include

Butter Naan - Leavened White Flour made with butter.
Onion Kulcha - Leavened White Flour prepared with spiced onion.
Roti - Unleavened Whoel Wheat.
Mint Paratha - Layered Whole Wheat made with mint.

I was asked which of the breads made at Delhi Spice was my personal preference. My answer was the Roti. I find it is the healthiest choice for me. I like eating the Roti with Kadai Chicken, Lamb Curry and especially the Bhindi Do Pytaza.
Keep in mind that if you have dietary concerns, please do ask your server and the chef! WE should be able to meet your needs and preferences.
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Sudhir Kumar

Managing Partner